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ISBN- 9780307388674
August 4, 2009
Anchor Books, a division of Random House Publishing
528 pages
Rating: 4 cups

The man telling this story is a pornographer. One night, he mixes cocaine and bourbon and drives through a guardrail. A horrific accident occurs, and he ends up in a burn unit. Doubts and suicidal thoughts fill his mind while the doctors, psychologist and physical therapist try to help him heal.

Marianne Engel is a patient in the psychiatric ward, but she takes the risks needed to visit the man. She may be schizophrenic/manic depressive, but the stories she tells the man are ones she believes. Her life has been an interesting journey. The angel wings tattooed on her back may be more lifelike than originally imagined.

Marianne believes she and the man were lovers in Germany many years ago. The man thinks she is crazy, but endures her visits. It is not long before he begins to look forward to her visits. Doctor Nan Edwards allows Marianne in to see her patient against her better judgment. The man’s suicidal thoughts and self-doubt begin to recede and thoughts of the future are pushed to the forefront of his mind. Marianne is determined to help him whether he wants it or not. Luckily, he accepts her assistance and the love she is offering him. Love like he has never known before.

The intensity of this story is, at times, overwhelming. Enough so that I put the book down and walked away several times throughout my reading of it. Mr. Davidson uses heavy descriptions, but this adds reality to this man’s tale. There are many touching moments in this book. One such moment is when Marianne brings food to the man in order to nourish his body. While the food is something the man needs, it is the way she nurtures his heart, soul and mind. I loved watching the healing that took place during The Gargoyle. The man, once beautiful, now burned, discovers so many things about himself simply by seeing things through Marianne’s eyes.

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