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ISBN#: 9780778326274
October 2009
Mira Books
$7.99 US/$8.99 CAN
329 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Henry Parker is a newspaper reporter for the New York Gazette. This is the one thing he is destined to be. Unfortunately, life has other plans for him.

Amanda Davies is a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society. She is also Henry’s girlfriend. Through whatever life throws his way, she will support him as best she can.

Henry is approached by a man on the street. Within hours, Henry is called to the morgue to identify the man’s body, only to be told this stranger is his brother. Henry is stunned to learn this information. The questions Henry has for his father cannot wait. Asking them will be painful, but what is even harder is seeing his father hauled off in handcuffs being charged with the murder of Stephen. Now, Henry and Amanda are on a mission to prove his father’s innocence and find the real murderer.

This book takes hold of you and pulls you deep into the drama as it unfolds. I thought I had the mystery solved just a few chapters in, but I could not have been more wrong. It is never that simple though, is it? Mr. Pinter has created such rich characters for this story. From Henry to Amanda to Stephen and beyond, these people become very real to the reader. If you love suspense and intrigue, I recommend adding this one to your collection.

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