Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 978-1-4415-6755-0
September 2009
Xlibris Publishing
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
Trade Paperback
243 Pages
Rating: 1 Cup

Queen Azalea is a beautiful woman and the much younger wife of a powerful African king. She longs for love and affection.

Aeritas is a young and handsome musician. He is strongly attracted to Azalea.

As King Donatus delves deeper and deeper into the dark arts, Azalea, his neglected and much younger wife, falls for a musician visiting their land. Dangerous under normal circumstances, King Donatus's dark associations could mean much worse than death for the pair.

There very well might be a good story hidden in this book, but the grammatical errors and inappropriate word usage make this book almost unreadable. An editor would make a big difference in this book. Spell check is not enough to proofread a document. The author must also know the meaning of the words she uses and the best way to use them. Some historical accuracy is helpful also. Mormons will be surprised to find a tabernacle in Africa some fifteen years before Joseph Smith even started the religion. I can only encourage the author to contact a good editor before writing another story.

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