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Stories featuring Karolan and Ganetta

Book 1: The Flesh Endures
Book 2: The Flesh Constrained

Book 2 featuring Karolan and Ganetta
ISBN# 9781472106001
November 2012
Constable and Robinson
96 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The world around Lord Karolan Rakka has changed remarkably over the years, while he finds humans themselves remain much the same. He has little care for their trials or travails, only those which serve to enhance his ever growing knowledge.

Since her change, Garnetta often contemplates the state of her humanity. Feeling pity for those less fortunate is still there, but she often wonders if that, too, will fade away as little more than a memory.

At the start of their quest, Karolan and Garnetta look forward to meeting Heinrich Eckert, a man famed for his intellect and influence. Growing more dangerous and demented with each passing day, Heinrich is leaving a path of destruction in his wake that even a blind man could follow. If anything, Karolan is intrigued by the level of depravity Heinrich instigates, while Garnetta is sickened by it all. She is still new to her change and wants to believe in the goodness of man, even hoping that one day she and Karolan can have a family of their own.

Desperation and fear pervades in the face of widespread sickness. For men like Heinrich, it is easy pickings of lost souls. The perversions in this story escalates with Heinrich’s madness, manifesting in both physical and sexual brutality, which makes Karolan and Ganetta’s relationship feel almost tame, compared to the corruption surrounding them. This may not be an easy read for some, but it is most certainly an intriguing one.

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