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ISBN #: B003B3NYS8/9781451555653
March 2010
eBook/ Print
$5.49/ $13.99
242 Pages
Romantic comedy-mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Amber Fox lives for investigating, so when she accidentally shoots her superior and nemesis, Chief Inspector Skipper, and loses her job on the police force, she becomes an insurance investigator. She is talented in her unconventional way as well as sexy, smart, witty and extremely feisty. Her rival might have won the battle, but Amber aims to win the war.

Her father is newly retired from the police force, and he is there to give Amber support for her case as well as capture neighborhood criminals. Her mother dishes out hearty food and helpful advice and her therapist sister provides counterpoint to Amber's personality. Brad is her current boss and ex-fiancé, a former military man who she may still have feelings for. Her love interest is a police officer named Romeo who wants their relationship to progress, but she is not sure what that should be.

Renowned fashion designer Umberto Fandango has gone missing and so has his entire new fashion collection. He is a client of the insurance company Amber works for, and she is determined to crack the case. An added incentive is the fact that her archenemy is also trying to solve the case. While trying to locate the celebrity she must still solve her other cases by catching an arsonist, a car-thief and a sham shelf-stocker. Can she find the missing designer and his wardrobe while avoiding two goons intent on stopping her, a sexy boss intent on wooing her, and a former coworker intent on destroying her?

Sibel Hodge gives us one feisty insurance investigator in this comedic mystery. Amber Fox is a modern, career-driven woman who seems to be a cross between Kinsey Milhone and Gracie Hart (Miss Congeniality). I enjoyed the great mixture of action adventure and slapstick. I found myself chuckling out loud and on one occasion snorting water out my nose. The humor did not detract from the solid mystery, and I appreciated all the twists and turns and sub-plots that tied into the story nicely. All of the characters were very well developed, and I could not help feeling a fond connection to Tia. I do wish that Romeo had a little more presence, but that was just wishful thinking on my part. I was very happy to discover that this is only the first of Amber's adventures, and I cannot wait to see what she gets up to next.

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