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First of a Two-Part Series
ISBN# 978-1-77065-059-6/978-1-77065-065-7
April 7, 2010
Eternal Press
341 Pages
Ratings: 5 Cups

Countess Lisbette de Jonquiere is told to flee France by her underhanded guardian. He needs her to deliver an important package on the eve of the French Revolution.

Kerra Tregons has never been out of England. She sees Lisbette needing assistance and comes to her rescue, being a good friend, even finding her a place to stay and work.

Lisbette is not certain about doing what her guardian requests but obeys, only to find herself stranded and destitute in a Cornish village, confused with their dialect. She decides to go now by Bettina. She learns no one is there to deliver the package to and the important papers are absolutely nothing. Bettina is at complete loss. She finds a confident in Kerra, who steers her to an Inn run by Maddie, a good business lady. It is there she meets a man who many believe murdered his wife. Bettina is not sure what stories to believe. She stays close to Maddie and Kerra, but in time is soon corned by men cheated by her father, and demand retribution. Bettina is left to wonder will she ever learn the truth about matters as she tries to endure life in new surroundings.

The False Light is an eye-opening story. Bettina is absolutely lifelike in every way. From the moment her journey begins and everything backfires, her expressions and emotions are genuine and dramatic at every turn. She has much compassion as she worries over her mother, even the King and Queen, not to mention the link with the dress. Her performance is a class act. I have no idea how I would act in that situation. Diane Scott Lewis pens a vibrant story that strikes the chords of the heart and makes the reader feel all the events that grab the characters.

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