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ISBN#: 9781926931692
May 2011
MuseItHOT Publishing
E book
18 pages
Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Ceri reads fortunes for a living, but her powers are greater than most know. When she is doing a reading for a client, a strange man appears in her glass. Not who her customer is looking for, the man fascinates Ceri. And as the images she sees of him become increasingly erotic, she yearns to discover his identity.

Rory is trapped, only his image is able to seduce Ceri in every available reflective surface. Dangerously seductive and increasingly tender images taunt her in this tantalizing tale. Will Ceri figure out the mystery of his identity?

Climaxing, no pun intended, in a fairground hall of mirrors, this decadent tale is full of sexually charged scenes. With magic mixed with a love story, these characters are caught in a web until their tension ignites. Is there more to Ceri’s visions than smoke and mirrors?

Voyeuristic eroticism is explored in this detailed and passionate story of a seer and the object of her visions. Although the sexy scenes are enough to leave a reader squirming in their seat, the passion did not lead me to believe any sort of long-term relationship would evolve from it. For a lusty escape, if you aren’t hoping for realism, this is just the story you have been looking for.

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