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ISBN#: 9780345520548
July 27, 2010
Ballatine Books
Trade Paperback
383 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Growing up under the very stern and watchful eye of her father, the lovely young Sara Stevenson did the only thing she could, she rebelled, and she did so spectacularly. She fell in love with a sailor, a man to whom her family would never allow such a relationship to exist, and she defied all odds to be with him.

The lighthouse is a refuge for William Campbell, one that serves his reclusive nature quite well, so it is with great irritation that he is forced to share his home with unwanted guests. He knows why the young woman was sent here, and is sickened by the fact that it is up to him to see to her well-being and safety.

To have her heart physically torn from her body could not have been more painful than what Sara is going through right now. Her beloved Thomas never came, and now she is confined to this desolate rock to bear his child under the intensive glare of Mr. Campbell, a man whose very presence fills her with fear. William does everything short of leaving his post to keep his distance from Sara, but as her time nears their lives become inescapably intertwined. Sara finds some solace in an unlikely pen pal, but it is her budding respect and appreciation for William that she finds most disturbing and appealing to her shattered soul.

To engage a reader in such a way that you feel enraged, distressed, and wronged on behalf of Sara is a testament to the skill of this author. It also must be said that Sara herself will cause the reader great consternation as she flagrantly and sometimes ignorantly refuses to see how her actions hurt those around her. But I love a book that makes you want to fight for the character, and this does just that. Betrayal of the deepest kind cuts into the heart of this young woman, but it is her unfailing love that will keep you riveted to every word of her story.

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