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The Conquerors Series
Book 1: The Ever Knight
Book 2: The Virgin Proxy
Book 3: The Craftsman

The Conquerors Series
ISBN: 9781926950617
July 2011
Evernight Publishing
48 Pages
Medieval Ménage Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jisella knows that she has one true love out there…her Ever Knight. When she spots a man through the convent window, she thinks she has found him.

Remy is in a lot of pain due to the wound in his leg. When he meets the sensual woman promising him passion, all thoughts of pain go away.

Jisella has decided to claim Remy as hers as well as heal the wound that is killing him. Realizing, after he has claimed her virginity, that he is taking her back to her intended, Jisella is not quite sure what to think. But once she meets Renard, a new idea takes place. What if she does not have one…but two Ever Knights?

This is a hot read to be sure. The Ever Knight gives us sex, passion, and magic all rolled into one. I like how Ms. Fox portrays Jisella as this female who may have been put under lock and key in the convent while she awaits her future, but she still finds some way to change her own destiny. I did feel as if there should have been more to the story as the ending leaves you with the feeling of hanging off cliff. I do want to see what will happen next in the Conquerors series as the ending did leave me intrigued in that aspect.

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