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The Black Cobra Quartet Series:
  Book 1 - The Untamed Bride
  Book 2 - The Elusive Bride
  Book 3 - The Brazen Bride

Black Cobra Quartet Book Two
ISBN#: 9780061795152 / 9780061988981 / 9780061946264 / 9780061978678
January 26, 2010
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Paperback/E-Book/Large Print/Audio
464 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily Ensworth is on a mission to find out what exactly she wants in a husband. So while visiting her uncle, who is the governor of Bombay, she is determined to discover what she wants only to find “the one” quite by accident.

Major Gareth Hamilton is on a mission himself, one that calls for quick thinking and entails mortal danger. When Emily steps forth with a letter from a fallen soldier, he knows there is something about the woman that calls to the warrior inside of him.

It seems the true identity of the Black Cobra has been revealed, the secret identity is part of the letter that Emily handed over. She is determined to stick close to the handsome major, which puts her in the path of the Cultists. These men will cut down anyone in their path and whose name alone sends fear throughout most people. Working side by side with Gareth, Emily knows she has found the man she wants for her husband. Now she has to convince him of that and try to stay alive in the meantime.

Stephanie Laurens has written a novel with hints of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone within its pages, giving it one adventure after another. The Elusive Bride pits Emily against Gareth; a woman with a very independent mind against a man used to giving orders and having soldiers follow without questioning his authority. I love how Emily participates in the daily planning and evading schemes used to outwit the Cultists, showing the reader how even an alpha male like Gareth can compromise. The fact that she did not faint, was not wimpy, fought with the best of them, and uses her wit time and again to get them out of sticky situations. It will be interesting to see where the Black Cobra Quartet saga goes from here.

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