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ISBN# 1610343530
March 2011
E Book
107 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellie is the daughter of a baron. Her two sisters are blonde delicate beauties, while she is a tomboy who loves to spend her time riding and swimming. She has no idea she is beautiful, also.

Rafe is the son and heir of a duke. He survived the Napoleonic Wars only to have someone try to kill him when it was all over. This resulted in his going blind, which ended his engagement. He is bitter and unsure of where his life will take him now.

Ellie has always been in love with Rafe, but the future duke is far above her touch. When he is struck blind and hides in his hunting lodge, Ellie braves his bad temper to help him live again. She has been told that she must choose a husband this season, but she is determined to have a taste of Rafe before she chooses her future. Rafe is captivated by the stubborn and sensual Ellie, and when he regains his sight, he is determined to make her his bride despite the objections of his family and Ellie.

This is a well-written historical romance. The characters are real and have all the usual human flaws, making them more attractive. The plot flows smoothly and held my interest completely. The subplot of Rafe’s attempted murder and the culprit was a little disappointing; it could have been an even more exciting and integral part of the story. Aside from that, this is a fine story from an author who is rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

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