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Fairy Tales, Book 3
December 27, 2011
Avon Books
405 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Olivia Lytton has been trained and taught everything that a lady must know when she will someday become a Duchess. Since she was betrothed for most of her life, with the job as duchess secured, she has put little into actually acting like a duchess. She has her duke snagged and he is not exactly right in the head so he will not notice a few of her bad traits. But when she meets the man that her twin is hoping to wed, she discovers that there are things naughtier for a future duchess to do than just saying dirty limericks.

Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, is willing to allow his mother to choose his next bride. After all, his first try at finding a duchess was not exactly a raving success. She brings two ladies to ‘test’ for the traits that she believes will bring him a happy marriage, and he likes one, but she is not one of his possible brides. The older sister of the eminently suitable Georgiana fits none of the criteria that have been set for his bride, but fulfills every one of his darker desires.

Told to chaperone Olivia so that his mother can ‘test’ Georgiana, Quin finds himself in constant and inappropriate contact with the lush and irresistible Olivia. While her sister is lovely, intelligent, kind and otherwise well behaved, Olivia is brash, sensual and risqué at every turn. Will he be able to get away from his past tragedy and take what he wants?

Ms. James has always been one of my favorite historical authors, so I was disappointed when this story started out a bit slow. She made up for it by delivering a fascinating retelling of the Princess and the Pea, updated and yet flavored with the historical charm that I have come to know and love from this author. Olivia is the kind of heroine that it is next to impossible not to identify with, and Quin is so damaged and tortured that watching him heal and again dare to care about someone is a treasure in and of itself. With passionately sexy scenes draped in a fairytale setting, this story really packs a punch. This reviewer recommends you keep reading past that slow start because Ms. James will make it worth your time.

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