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Book 1: Butterfly Swords

Sequel to Butterfly Swords
ISBN: 978-0373-29662-0
September 2011
110 Pages
Harlequin Historical
Rating: 5 Cups

She had expected the rest of her days to be a near solitary existence in her mansion by the river, but Lady Ling Suyin is forced to move on once again. The August Emperor is gone, and her status as Precious Consort is no longer enough to keep her safe.

The letter comes at a time when Governor Li Tao has little time to be bothered with anything but war strategies, and yet it is one he cannot ignore. A woman who has haunted his dreams for fifteen years needs his protection, and it will prove to be the hardest assignment of his life.

Her abduction by Li Tao has Suyin completely confused, and he seems to have little interest in enlightening her. The hardened warrior is a master of control, but the longer Suyin spends in his company the more she glimpses the man beneath the mask. Li Tao cannot afford a distraction like Suyin, and yet he is powerless to stop the longing she instills in him. This terrifying and beautiful man is hunted by so many, but Suyin will never stop believing in a miracle that will allow her to keep something she never imagined having in her life.

The words within this story surround you and provoke such imagery you practically feel the cool air of the bamboo forest, and can almost hear the notes of Suyin’s qin. There is such quiet strength in both Li Tao and Suyin, and yet the passion that simmers between is anything but. Suyin is poetry in motion, while Li Tao feels like a panther poised and ready to attack, but together they flow like liquid silver. This author makes it easy to slip into a time and place so far removed, and feel every step of her characters along the way.

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