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Masters of Submission Series

Book 1: Master of Submission
Book 2: Destined for the Dom
Book 3: Taming the Boss Lady
Book 4: Master and Inquisitor
Book 5: The Dom with the Dragon Tattoo
Book 6: Master's Pet
Novella: Her Dream Dom

Masters of Submission, Book 5
ISBN# 9781622425587
February 2013
Siren Publishing
143 Pages
Contemporary Erotic BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

When he makes a point of going after something, Tyler Stone rarely allows anything to stand in his way. The project his company, Cerberus Technology, is working on needs a software designer of the highest caliber, and Tyler knows exactly who he wants to fill that role.

Right now her life is at a crossroads, which is the biggest reason Rebecca Miles is considering a move to Cerberus Technology. With Mitch no longer her Master, Rebecca is also feeling the need to make a clean break by moving out of Boston.

Getting Rebecca on board with his company is a huge boon for Tyler, although he is sure there is more to the woman than meets the eye. Her work persona is a mask that does not take Tyler long to unveil. When he does, the game is on. After the initial shock of Tyler discovering her submissive side, Rebecca revels in the attention of a perfect Master. As their relationship grows, so does Rebecca’s fear that it will all come crashing down when Tyler finds out she has been keeping a horrible secret.

Rebecca is a powerfully intelligent woman who needs the release of total submission, and Tyler is just the expert she is looking for. His strong will and brilliant mind are a perfect complement to Rebecca, both in business and private. In my opinion, however, the story would be even better if their connection blended more of the serious with the sensual. Still, I like the little, intricate details of the D/s lifestyle which are often overlooked as Tyler and Rebecca explode in a flurry of sexual exploration.

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