Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# (10)1475079559/(13)9781475079555
March 2012
Self-published via CreateSpace
117 Pages
BDSM Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups


The secret fantasy of getting spanked is one that Blake Claren has always been too embarrassed to share with anyone. Just the thought of letting a woman do that to him makes him hotter than anything.

The moment Victoria Sanders meets the young man in the dorky fifties diner, she wants him. He has that special quality that just begs for her hand, if he is gutsy enough to give it a try.

The note Victoria leaves on the table in place of his tip has Blake terrified and exhilarated at finally meeting a woman who is everything he has always dreamed of. She is ready to give him exactly what he desires, but is he? Never before has Blake submitted to anyone, and the feeling is extraordinary.


Evenings spent with Victoria are blissful agony for Blake, who loves every minute of it. But, now that he has to confess his poor mid-term grade, Blake is more than a little nervous. Victoria practically has to drag the truth out of him, making his punishment nearly as hard on her as it will be on him.


Time passes with lightning speed and as wonderful as their beginning, Victoria is not quite sure if Blake is ready for what she has planned. So far, it has been just the two of them. Now, Victoria needs to know how deep Blake is committed to their bond. Her deepest cravings have always ended up one-sided, and it will break her heart if this has the same result.

Wanting something so badly and having the guts to go for it is what makes Blake a far stronger man than he gives himself credit for. Even though he is young and quite naturally thinks with his other head, he embraces his fears and puts his trust in a woman he knows will give him what he needs. Victoria’s character basks in Blake’s submission, and I love that she shares it openly with him, even when it scares her that they are getting so close. This trilogy is a delicious journey for both Blake and Victoria, and one that I hope will continue on.

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