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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-06722-0
January 2010
Harlequin Medical
187 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It has been a few months since the assault, but although Dr. Frances Nin’s physical injuries may be slowly healing, her psychological ones are still brutally raw. She has come to Pelican Bay to help out with her pregnant sister and hopefully to heal what is broken inside.

Personal tragedy is no stranger to Sergeant Jacob Hawke, but backing down from a challenge is. His community is in desperate need of a doctor, and if it takes some pushing and shoving to make it happen, he is the man for the job.

The nightmares and panic attacks have all but crippled Fran’s spirit; in fact she can hardly stand the thought of ever entering another hospital, let alone practicing medicine. Coming to stay with her sister is supposed to be her own personal therapy, but the reality threatens to send her over the edge. Sergeant Hawke wants her to commit to working at the local clinic, and saying no is becoming nearly impossible, not only to the work, but to him as well. When Jacob learns of Fran’s reasons for staying away from medicine, he could kick himself for being so harsh, but the town needs her, and he is becoming increasingly aware that he does as well.

The thought of being the object of a personal attack would terrify anyone, but when that attack occurs in the one place that clearly defines you as a person, how do you cope? Fran is a doctor, a dream of hers since childhood, but when that dream becomes a nightmare, she is unable to deal with it, and it makes her character feel anxious and antagonistic. You can practically feel the fear vibrating through her, and it makes you wonder why, as a doctor, she would not be seeking professional help. But I love that Jacob never backs down, sensing her anxiety and giving her the push she needs to heal. Fear, pain, and sexual tension are incredibly well presented as Fran and Jacob come together in a battle of wills that is sure to leave you as breathless as they are.

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