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Regency Rogues Series

Book 1: The Devil in Disguise
Book 2: The Angel in My Arms
Book 3: The Sinner Who Seduced Me
Book 4: The Saint Who Stole my Heart
Book 5: The Scoundrel takes a Bride

A Regency Rogues Novel, Book 1
ISBN: 9780345517395/ 9780345517425
June 2011
Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Inc.
Print/ eBook
320 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord William Randall, Duke of Clairemont, has the nickname Iron Will due to his contempt of polite society’s rules and regulations. Most people do not realize that while he does enjoy the hedonistic pleasures offered by different women, many of his other exploits have occurred due to his job as a spy in a secret organization.

Lady Lucinda Grey is the epitome of elegance, beauty, and proper decorum. While many men have played for her hand in marriage, either for her beauty, social standing, or wealth, she has not felt the need to agree to holy matrimony until now.

William’s newest assignment is to keep Lucinda from being kidnapped by a vile man who is rumored to be dead. While he dances to the tune of a prospective suitor, Lucinda and her wily aunts appropriately dubbed “The Furies” keep him on his toes. What begins as a simple assignment for William soon becomes much more as his protective instincts go from protecting a potential victim to protecting the woman who has stolen his heart. But when Lucinda finds out why he has approached her, will she understand that duty always comes first even when it pertains to matters of the heart?

What an enchanting and tantalizing tale The Devil in Disguise is. Ms. Sloane introduces us to this new series that includes the danger, passion, and historical aspects we love to read about when it comes to perusing a great romance. The characters are very strong and the conflicts William fights against -- in regard to the love versus duty complications -- is intertwined throughout this story. We get to see him go from a man who seems to keep everyone at arm’s length to a man most would willingly call friend, family member, or lover. I am very excited to see where this delightful tale will go from here.

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