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Originally part of an anthology called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tie Me Up
ISBN#: Unavailable
April 4, 2008 / July 12, 2010
STARBooks Press / Ai Press
13 Pages
Gay erotica/Menage a trois/BDSM/Historical/Samurai
Rating 4 cups

Takashi had been sent on an errand for his mother and, upon return, spies on his commander. Having long desired the vibrant and disciplined warrior, he is fascinated to have caught the man disrobing. Enthralled, he stands to watch the muscled soldier even though he knows he should not do so.

When the samurai commander’s lover appears on the scene and the two of them begin to tryst, Takashi is enflamed by what he sees. It is an image out of his every erotic fantasy. But then the two warriors part and he fumbles to escape before he is caught.

When they capture him and advise him he must be punished for his intrusion into their private moment, Takashi is not sure what to expect. What he gets is something he couldn’t have dreamed of.

An erotic tale of warriors with their weapons drawn, The Delightfully Wicked Punishment is exactly that. Delightful. While managing not to stray from the expected samurai behavior, the author manages to twist a steamy tale that will leave the reader squirming and chewing their lip as they enjoy this fun and detailed read. While Takashi himself is lacking in emotional connection, there is a real feeling of relationship between the two seasoned samurai that is altogether satisfying in its vivid imagery.

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