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ISBN#: 978-0-06-112578-2
October 10, 2010
Avon, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Trade Paperback
400 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

It is closing in on the anniversary of his wife’s death, and Jack Coates can still feel the pull of depression like it happened yesterday. The grief itself is crushing, but adding the feelings of betrayal and rage to the mix has turned him into a man he barely recognizes.

Her sense of self has disintegrated to such a degree that Cate Albion feels like a floating mass in a vast ocean. She has taken off for New York on a childish whim to prove her independence, but lands in a situation that has her running back to London to lick her wounds.

Jack really has no desire to play baby-sitter to his boss’s niece while cataloging antiquities at Endsleigh House, but spending time with Cate disrupts more than just his work. She makes him feel, and worse she makes him want, but the secrecy about her is all too painfully familiar. Cate’s past mistakes are never far from her thoughts, but in helping Jack she comes across a mystery that becomes nearly an obsession to solve. The parallels that Cate feels for the missing Blythe sister are as intriguing as they are disturbing, but Jack encroaching on her thoughts is even more unsettling.

Unraveling the mystery of Baby Blythe takes on the feeling of trying to unknot a fishing line, because for every tangle you separate you have created several more. And Cate’s inability to detach herself from this mystery takes on a compulsive and desperate edge. So while Cate is nearly manic with her need to know, Jack is just the opposite, preferring to live in a numb and desensitized fugue. They are a fascinating couple with such polar personalities on the surface, but underneath you can feel an almost intangible likeness.

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