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ISBN #978-0-06-180872-2
October 2010
Mass Market Paperback
384 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Diana Fanshawe is a very attractive widow. She does not feel that she is beautiful; being darker and plumper than her siblings, but knows that she is attractive to men. She has always had a bit of a tendre for her neighbor Blake, the son of a duke.

Sebastian is the complete opposite of his cousin Blake. He is unfashionable, bespectacled, bookish, and has a dislike of women in general. He was the butt of his cousin's jokes as a boy and has not forgotten or forgiven.

Lady Diana is in the market for her next husband and has Lord Blakeney in her sights. Her first marriage to a much older man left her a wealthy widow, and she wishes to marry again for love this time. Sebastian Iverley is at Blakeney's father's estate to view some valuable maps; he is a well known book collector, when he is ensnared by Lady Diana's charms. What follows is in neither of their plans, but maybe all will end well, or not.

Lady Diana and her family are the most entertaining part of the story. Diana has her future planned out so well, only to have everything go wrong. Sebastian is a bit hard to like at first; he is very intelligent but unforgiving and dour, thanks to his childhood with a misogynistic great uncle. His mistrust of people in general and women in particular lead to all sorts of interesting problems. The author has created some really interesting characters and an intricate and gripping plot that you will not be able to put down.

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