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The Conquerors Series
Book 1: The Ever Knight
Book 2: The Virgin Proxy
Book 3: The Craftsman

The Conquerors Series, Book 3
ISBN# 978-1-926950-88-4
September 26, 2011
Evernight Publishing
$ 4.99
105 pages
Erotic Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Emma married a man who was sick and dying the first time around. Now she has been told she is to wed a Saxon stranger. Journeying to his side, she finds him silent and possibly slow. When she sneaks out to find out what he is doing in his workshop late at night, she finds him bent not over a project but seeking release, she finds she is more than willing to do her wifely duty.

Raedwulf, former Earl of Wexford, is content to work in his wood crafting shop. Imprisoned for years, he is now free…if he marries a Norman stranger. When his bride comes to him speaking of duty and offering passion, he wonders what is hidden behind her ever changing eyes. Can he show her he is a master in more than one craft?

Quickly wed and passionately joined, the two experiment in many different ways with each other’s bodies. Bringing others into their love play heightens the fun for this adventuresome pair. But will their feelings grow into something more than sexual? Or will a mistake cost them both a love worth fighting for?

This story goes from wimples to anal sex with surprising ease. The exploration of sexual fantasy in this book will leave readers fanning themselves. The downfall was that the characters’ love was slightly unbelievable. That a woman who had lived a very chaste life up to this point would be this sexually aggressive is a slight stretch, but that the characters would fall in love because of the sex seemed a bit more fantasy than the author was aiming for.

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