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ISBN#: 9781419933189
April 2011
Ellora’s Cave Publications
185 Pages
Paranormal Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Kaitlyn’s lousy childhood has resulted in well-deserved but self-defeating trust issues. She also has a hatred of vampires that crosses the line from fear to hatred. Her basic goodness, however, has let Kaitlyn be a white Wiccan and kept her from attempts at dark magic. Her house is also a part-time paranormal jail, but when the vampires Holden Sumner agrees to be arrested, all hell is about to break loose.

Holden Sumner is very admirable, after a while, and he is scary but way hot. In the past 300 years, he has tracked a killer and even worked with one of Kaitlyn’s Wiccan ancestors. This time he needs Kaitlyn to stop a serial killing demon.

The horrors the killer is causing must stop, but Kaitlyn may not be brave enough to work with Holden. As the situation turns dire, the only chance for success requires a blood bond, that could cause more problems for the two later, of possibly save them.

Great writers like Ms. Anderson can make you empathize with characters before you realize what has happened, and I felt empathy for Kaitlyn and Holden from the start. The subplots were captivating and the action grabbed me from the frightening beginning. Another great part of the book was how well the author described Wiccan practices without becoming Wiccan 101. The support characters feel real and the villain is scum-just perfect evil. As hot as the sex was, and it really was, the cat suit scene is just thrilling; the interaction among the characters is enthralling. I love this book.

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