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ISBN: 9780062011473/ 9780062078872
April 2011
Print/ eBook
$14.99/ $9.99
320 Pages
Historical Fiction; Ages 18 and Up
Rating: 4 Cups

Katherine Howard is not like the other girls who live in the house run by the Duchess of Norfolk. She has a confidence, elegance, and demeanor that set her apart from her housemates.

Cat Tilney is both enamored of Katherine’s seemingly effortless ways and horrified at how Katherine gets away with what she does. When Katherine is brought into the royal court at seventeen and later marries King Henry VIII, Cat watches to see how this will affect her own life.

When Katherine brings Cat and Cat’s lover, Francis, into the courts, the queen’s friend is thrilled at her new standing among everyone. Within a short time span, Cat watches as Katherine continues with the aura of unaccountability and sexual prowess that she has seen time and again while in the Duchess of Norfolk’s home. But secrets have a way of being ousted, especially in the courts and Katherine’s affair soon comes to light. Katherine once again uses her air of unaccountability to spin a tale that is not truthful and puts Francis in harm’s way. Now it is up to Cat to decide if she is going to hold onto the truth about the queen’s affair or if she will uncover Katherine’s lie to try to set her own lover free.

The way a reader can tell how great an author is, is through their ability to catch the readers’ sympathy and interest. I had previously perused a tale about Katherine Howard that had me bent out of shape with how she was treated. Now Suzannah Dunn comes along and puts a completely different spin on this historical story and it has me seeing Katherine Howard as this manipulative girl who will go to any length to get the outcome she wants. The Confession of Katherine Howard is the type of novel that has you seeing through the eyes of the storyteller and straight into the past. It has you questioning everything you think you know about history and asking that much repeated phrase “what if”.

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