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ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2714-1
February 2010
401 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The demotion from her last case may be demoralizing for Detective Taylor Jackson, but the fallout of losing her team is much more crippling than her bruised pride. The solve rate for the Nashville homicide division has plummeted in the aftermath, and on the horizon lurks a predator unlike anything they have ever encountered.

The days when FBI profiler John Baldwin questions his commitment to his job are becoming increasingly more frequent, especially when that time could be spent with Taylor. The never-ending quest to find a killer is dragging on him more and more, but he stills feels that drive to get into their minds and figure out what makes them tick.

Being busted back to detective hurt, but Taylor is determined to show the department just how good a detective she was and still is, and this new case will call on every one of those skills. Someone is targeting young black women, starving them, and then putting their bodies on display, but that is not the worst of it. Taylor takes all the help she can get from Baldwin and the FBI, but unfortunately his new colleague from New Scotland Yard is entirely too good at scrambling her equilibrium. The Pretender is still out there, threatening her life, and those of her ex-teammates, but it is now The Conductor taking center stage in this unequalled act of horror and depravity.

The depths to which human beings can sink takes on a new low with this shocking and terribly disturbing case for Taylor Jackson. Her character is a woman who fights and struggles with her own inadequacies and fears like anyone else, but commands respect and admiration from those who work closely with her. And though Taylor and Baldwin fumble to find a balance between work and their relationship, you never forget how frighteningly intelligent they really are. These are two people who will capture your imagination and your attention, leaving little chance of ever being forgotten.

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