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A Disenchanted & Co. Series

Book 1: Disenchanted & Co.
Book 2: The Clockwork Wolf

A Disenchanted & Co. Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 9781476722375
March 2014
Pocket Books
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

A horrible possession is taking over some of the most influential men in Rumsen, and it is up to crime fighter Charmian Kittredge to figure out how to stop it. Even with the help of her grandfather, as well as some very talented friends, Kit realizes early on that this case could easily be her last.

If he could, Lucien Dredmore would lock Kit up and throw away the key, yet he knows if he tries she will never forgive him. All he can do is be there for her whenever she invariably gets caught up in one scrape or another.

The Wolfmen invading Rumsen are doing more than just terrorizing its citizens, which means Kit needs answers, and she needs them now. An entire army of beasts could take over the city unless Kit stops the man behind the magic. His intent is pure evil and his power extraordinary, but Kit is not alone in her fight. She just needs to make sure that if anyone pays the price, it is her, and not one of her friends.

Kit is all take action, and worry about the personal consequences later, even when it gets her in some serious trouble. I love her quick thinking and dry wit, especially when it comes to dealing with all these men who try to coddle her. As much as Lucien admires Kit’s intelligence and aptitude, he too falls victim to his gender. Whatever Kit gets up to next, I am sure it will be equal parts foolhardy and fabulous!

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