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ISBN: 978-0-553-80810-0
November 2010
Bantam Books
160 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Black Death that took so many souls in the mid 1300’s spared one baby boy, but not his parents, and this child, known as Klaus was suddenly orphaned. As Klaus’s father was an honored member of the brotherhood of carpenters in the Black Forest, they take Klaus in as their ward.

News of a man so kindhearted and so very talented spreads throughout the Black Forest like wildfire, and this is a man Anna is destined to meet. She and her beloved reindeer, Dasher, know something great is about to occur and that they are going to be needed to make it happen.

So many years of building toys and delivering them by hand are finally catching up with Klaus, and he is incredibly tired, not to mention heartsick that someone out there is stealing the toys. But his despair is short lived after encountering Anna, and for years thereafter, they are an unbeatable team. However, the evil that had been trying to thwart Klaus all those years ago is not done yet. Klaus, Anna, and all of their special friends are in for a fight to ensure the magic of Christmas stays alive and well and that the most malevolent of spirits does not succeed in cutting them off from the children of the world.

On a cold winter day, you take that first sip of deliciously rich hot chocolate, and you cannot help but feel a smile lighten your soul. That same special feeling can be had by reading this book. It will literally warm you from the inside out. And I especially enjoy how it is told from a contemporary point of view with a narrator who must deal with his own experiences and feelings.

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