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ISBN#: 9781605922263
January 2011
Noble Romance
88 Pages
BDSM; Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Loveday loves to sing. She uses her voice as a way to make money on the streets.

Matthew is a conductor. He sees such potential in Loveday when he walks by her.

When Matthew asks Loveday to audition, she is floored. Making the choir is just the beginning for her though. Soon, a relationship builds between teacher and student, one that transcends anything she has felt before. But before they can live their happily-ever-after, they will have to overcome many obstacles including the secret life Matthew has kept from Loveday.

The Choirmaster is full of emotional breakthroughs as Loveday struggles to find out who she wants to be. The self-battle she has as Loveday fights with her low self-esteem and past, gives this novel an air of realism. Ms. Elyot also writes in such a way that it gave this novel innocence as Loveday begins to understand who she is and who she wants to be. Then you have the strong, arrogant Matthew who at times shows his vulnerability because of the secret that is revealed later in the novel. I really enjoyed this book, especially because of the overwhelming heartfelt scenes of self-discovery.

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