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ISBN: 9780307446466/ 9780307729514/
July 2011
WaterBrook Press, an imprint of Random House Inc.
Paperback/ eBook
$13.99/ $9.99
304 Pages
Suspense; Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Jaimie Piper has a special ability. She can tell when evil is lurking near.

Crockett Grey is a teacher and for 364 days a year he holds his life together. But on the anniversary of his daughter’s death, he drinks himself silly and mourns for the wonderful girl he lost.

When Crockett spots Jaimie peering into his window he thinks he is seeing the ghost of his daughter. Terrified of someone…or something, Jaimie convinces her teacher to let her stay at his neighbor’s house for the night. He has no idea that in doing so it has set forth a series of events that will take him from the safety of his house, to prison, and beyond and have him delving into a mystery that surrounds Jaimie and the Vatican. If Crockett cannot figure out the secrecy surrounding Jaimie it may mean that his name will never be cleared from the horrific lies that have been piled on him. But to clear his name by revealing the truth, he may have to choose between his young student and the most important person in his life.

Wow! The Canary List is a thrilling novel full of suspense, amazing literature, and seat-of-your-pants moments that leave you hanging on for dear life. Mr. Brouwer takes us on an adventure that takes us from a grieving father’s home, to a prison where Crockett is the target, Rome, and many places in between. All of the characters who play minor and major roles in this book are brilliantly told in vivid details that enrich and liven up this tale. I can honestly say that when I picked up this novel I was not expecting to be so enthralled that everything else but my racing heartbeat was muffled as the intensity of this book gripped me. I would say with one hundred percent clarity that if you do not read this book, you are missing out on a superbly written novel that will blow your mind.

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