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ISBN#: 9781907016424/9781907761249/9781907726286
January 3, 2011
Xcite Books, Ltd
272 Pages
Rating: 2 cups

Lucky Number

Charlotte dialed the Number in the hopes of having her fantasies fulfilled. While being dominated by the two men, she only has the briefest hesitations and fears that are quickly overruled by the pleasure only they can bring. Bryant and Collins are everything her wildest dreams were made of and then some. But will this one time encounter end up branching into something more?

A graphic tale of bondage and lust spun in details so vivid that you can practically smell the sweat of the heated bodies. Although it lacked any real emotional ties between the characters, it was believably lusty and fun.

Window Dressing

Saffron Miles has long desired just one slightly unacceptable pleasure game. Having once glimpsed a street side whore hidden by only glass, she has since evolved that image into a full-fledged scene. If she could just once, without risking everything her day-to-day life requires of her, play the cheap prostitute being watched while she is looking sexually insatiable behind the translucent barrier of a window pane, she would feel fulfilled. Making fantasy reality, she dials the Number and waits to see her dreams come true.

Exhibitionism comes to dramatically vibrant life in this story of a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Will the dream be all she built it up to be, or will it fall short in the glaring light of reality? I liked that the character, even after fulfilling her sexual wants, was able to step back and give actual consideration to her motives and reactions even if I was somewhat disheartened by the lack of emotional fulfillment provided by this story.

Lucky Break

Charlotte is back and even more sexually frustrated than when we first met her. But with a surprise visitor at her office, her schedule is about to get tied up. Bryant has returned with a job offer that Charlotte can’t pass up. To go to work for the men who make her pulse race seems almost too good to be true. Is it?

Charlotte is still as led by the immediate desires of the flesh as before. If you are looking for unadulterated BDSM passion, this story has it. If you are looking for meaningful plotting that changes the way that you look at the world, this story probably won’t be fulfilling.

Down and Dirty

Mrs. Naomi Davies is held captive by her terrified vision of the world. Although she longs to feel the slide of skin against flesh again, taking her away from her neurosis and into the blissful world of orgasm, she is too afraid to risk the contamination that a man’s touch would entail. Could the Number help her find the help she needs for this unique and delicate condition?

Although many with disorders of this nature may have dreams of being touched, their mental knowledge of what this sort of contact would involve would leave them writhing not in need but instead in disgust. Add to this that she is somewhat cured by the sex and yet still not having a successful relationship at the story’s completion and the thread of reality is again stretched taut. Unbelievable as this plot was, it was still a fun and interesting fantasy and handled with delicacy.

Lucky Charm

Charlotte is at her first day of work for the demanding masters, Collins and Bryant. Not sure what to expect but breathless to find out, she wears the barely there clothes they had asked for. Filing and flirting, Charlotte finds herself feeling nearly insatiable in the atmosphere created by her lusty employers. Will she end up working overtime… bent over a desk like the pleasure addict she is becoming?

Charlotte is a bit less likable in this erotic and dominance filled plot. Her lack of depth and continued weakness towards sex is losing its initial charm and coming across as more of a sex addict’s plotline. The tale has clear and sharp lust and desire but is still really lacking in making a reader feel connected and care about the main character.

Girl on Film

Nurse by day, porn fan by night, Carmella has long understood that her imagination isn’t lacking in the slightest. She has thought about it for a long time and knows she wants the eye of the camera trained on her while she gains her pleasure. Making a tape for herself seems the safest way to fulfill her long awaited desire. Facing the realities of planning such a venture doesn’t really tamp down on her need. And then comes the reality…

As with the previous stories in this collection, there isn’t any emotional attachment involved or real likeability of the character built up to support the plot. It is more of a down and dirty rendition of the satisfaction found when living out your fantasies. However it does depict, quite clearly, the lust and buildup leaving the reader sated if they were looking for sex on paper.

Lucky Dip

Charlotte is still hard at work for the demanding Bryant and Collins. In this bit of her story, we find her being punished for her office transgressions with the brand of punishment she seems to like best. With her masters fully in control, she continues to explore her desire to be dominated. But the bosses have something new in store for her. They want her to fulfill other womens’ fantasies, and Charlotte is more than happy to try to do the job.

Charlotte has reached a point where she seems to seek the approval of her masters to find her own self worth. Although this may be an accurate rendition of what it is to be dominated over a period of time, as a reader I found myself wanting to shake her into realizing that self worth is not determined by another. As previous stories have shown in this anthology, sexual fulfillment is the order of the day and emotional attachment not needed to support the story.

Lady Muck

Krysztyna used to be a lawyer, but life and circumstance have lowered her social position to little more than a housekeeper. When a benefactor offers her an opportunity at the sexual fulfillment she desires, she quickly takes her up on the offer, thereby finding herself sitting across from Charlotte and planning her desires. Taking the control that real life isn’t offering her, Krysztyna seeks the passion that power can offer.

Krystyna is presented as a character who has suffered at the hands of her employers and now longs for a comeuppance while finding her fulfillment. She finds it by humiliating others and ordering about a bunch of other women while reaching orgasms. While not a turn the other cheek kind of story, she does seem to have quite a good time while being very creative with things like candles.

Lucky Escape

Charlotte and Bryant are going out on the town. Masked and trying out swinging, Charlotte is beginning to find the control a slave might have over its master. In a club of swingers, Charlotte tries out her newfound sexual abandon, but Bryant is finding that his possession of her has led to some possession of her own and perhaps other problems are building now between the seemingly like-minded Bryant and Collins.

As far as emotional bonding goes, Bryant and Charlotte are the closest this collection has gotten so far. But with their entire relationship based on only sexual fulfillment and little other common background, I found this attempt somewhat lacking in believability. It was, however, nice to see Charlotte taking a bit more of a dominant role and see her expressing most of what we have seen going on in her head, if not verbally, to this point.


Lucinda has been attracted to the rough and ready world of mechanics and garages for quite some time. After contacting the Number, she has found an outlet that offers her scandal-free satisfaction. Bent over a car and dominated by rough calloused hands, she finds the sexual experience she has dreamed of. Will this chance at forbidden passion help her get through the day to day monotony?

Sexual fulfillment while in a role opposed to the day-to-day one is found again in this tale of down and dirty submission. With everything from a motorcycle to motor oil, this fantasy leaves out nothing that a lady could have fantasized about if she spent her days in control of those around her and wanted to let her rip for one short fling.

Lucky Strike

Charlotte was ordered to choose between her dominant employers. Now she is left feeling the job that was too good to be believed was indeed something that was too good to last. Having chosen not to choose at all, she is headed back to the life she left behind. But what if Collins isn’t willing to let her go?

Collins and Bryant are again twisting this executive assistant into knots. With more gratuitous sex and BDSM play, Charlotte is again pushed to the limits of her body. With almost cult like submissiveness, we again see her sucked back into the world that she nearly escaped and again prisoner to her sexual needs.

Lucky Stars

Charlotte is with Lady Markham, another character who appeared as the benefactor in one story and was mentioned in a few others. The two are preparing for an event, and Charlotte is fighting some trepidation about her role in her Master’s lives. The event seems to be a bit like a wedding of submission to dominance, and Charlotte is thrilled to have this contract, guaranteeing her the commitment that she has so craved.

With a collar rather than a ring to seal the deal, the long submissive Charlotte swears her fealty to her dominants in this short story. The ‘ring’ is a common leather dog collar, complete with a metal tag inscribed just for her. While we again get to see Charlotte dominated and humiliated, this reader is becoming less and less attached to this character.

Happy Collared Life

Charlotte now gets to adjust to life collared and controlled. In this happy home, spankings are served with the morning eggs, and sex is the preferred after dinner mint. Exchanging words of love, they have found their happiness in their unusual set up and this story expresses how much their relationship has evolved.

All in all, this story was the intended happily ever after for Charlotte and was just as disturbing as her previous segments. She is still working for the agency and in this adventure she has found what she sought throughout her adventures: contentment through submission, and the Number continuing to be the center of their worlds.

This entire book was a series of pleasure seeking characters who sought happiness that mere sexual fulfillment could never offer. That they each found it after completing their longtime sexual fantasies was somewhat disappointing as it left the reader assuming that none of them were very adult people to begin with. If you want to read about sex without conscience and in graphic detail, this book is the book for you. If you think there is more to life than the brief moment of release between the sheets, this book may be something you want to pass on.

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