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ISBN# (13)9780061965777/(13)9780062136428
31 July 2012
Avon Books
384/432 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

After the death of her father and husband, Lady Anisha Stafford leaves India to make a new life for herself and her two sons in London. The hustle and bustle of London society is a rather extreme cultural shock for Nish, more so because of her elder brother’s meddling in her affairs. Regardless of his opinions, she is not interested in marrying again. Her independence is far too valuable to give up.

Rance Welham has spent years trying to unravel the lies and intrigues littering his past. He has been convicted, imprisoned and even hanged for a crime he has not committed. Now his life is devoted to finding out the truth. His position in the secretive St James Society helps in his quest for redemption. When Anisha comes to London, the beautiful widow dangerously distracts Rance from his quest.

As Rance and Nish navigate the murky waters of London society, Nish is embroiled in the affairs of the St James Society and Rance’s past. Her attempt to aid him in his search for information attracts the wrong kind of attention and places her in danger. It will take all of Rance’s resources and cunning to unravel the past and discover the truth, before it is too late for him, for Nish and for a chance at a future worth fighting for.

From the very first page, the reader is immersed in a fascinating cross-cultural experience with Nish, a widow with an independent spirit who has one foot in her native India and the other in her Scottish roots. Ms. Carlyle does a spectacular job of conveying details of the secretive St James Society and their far-flung operations. However, many areas of this story devolve from showing to telling, denying the reader a deeper empathic connection with the characters. I hope to see some of the vibrant secondary cast members star in their own stories at some point.

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