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Civil War Brides Series
Book 1 - The Bride Price
Book 2 - The Bride Found
Book 3 - The Bride Spy
Book 4 - The Bride Ransom
Book 5 - The Rebel Bride

ISBN#:(10)1453660410/ (13)9781453660416
June 06 2010
290 Pages
Fiction/Romance/Time Travel
Rating: 3 cups

Sophie Ford is dying. With her husband and one true love at her side it is bearable and she even manages to find reasons to smile each and every day through her suffering. When the fever rages and the room spins, she thinks perhaps it is the end or a hallucination. Waking up in an era that considers showing your ankle indecent makes her think that the fever has left her insane. When something more extraordinary turns out to be fact, will she ever get back to Jamie her husband?

Jamie doesn’t mind tending his sick wife. When he goes upstairs and finds her gone, he searches for her even knowing she is too weak to go anywhere. When his searches turn up nothing, he is left adrift in a world without her. Then, in a twist of fate, he is left in another time, lost, without even his memory. Finding himself a soldier in the Civil War era, he slides easily into the role. But what will he do with the stunning woman who throws herself into his arms at a ball, claiming to be his wife?

Will they rediscover a love that stretches across the boundaries of time itself or will the man who is falling for her in this time steal her affections? Or will it turn out that he, Richard, is hiding something more than the alcohol that taints his breath each time he makes his unwanted advances? So many lives twisted by time and bound by love and destiny…

Although the characters and setting are rich and the love between Sophie and Jamie is epic, the story is confusing in its set up. Parts of the story bog down the flow and serve little purpose in moving the plot forward, however the dialogue between the characters makes even these bits worth the read. I enjoyed many of the detours into how life was in this intriguing era and think this author shows vivid storytelling techniques and great skill altogether. A timeless love story that is worth reading again.

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