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ISBN: 9780758238443
February 2010
Kensington Publishing Corp.
$15.00 USA / $17.95 CAN
327 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Jane Parker knows she does not fit into King Henry VIII’s world. When she loses her way, a handsome gentleman helps her and she instantly falls for that kindly man she later learns is George Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn is George’s sister, a woman he loves and cherishes with all his heart. Whispers abound and rumor states that the love he feels for her is not a sibling’s love, but one that is twisted. Anne wants to marry Harry Percy, but the King covets her for himself and being king, he will find some way to make her his.

When Jane finally gets her way and marries the handsome George, she feels as if she has won some huge prize and knows he is hers. All too soon though, Jane comes to realize that his affections for his sister surpass any feelings he might have for his wife. As her jealousy, hurt, anger, and disgust continues to roll around within her, she begins to plot against those who have done her injustice until all that is left is for Jane to seek vengeance. However, that vengeance has deadly repercussions for many, and may include Jane herself.

The Boleyn Wife is an intriguing tale full of historical scenery and characters. Ms. Purdy tells the story of Jane Parker, a woman determined to marry George Boleyn, only to find that getting what you want does not always mean getting what you want. I found the main character to be a foolish woman who was playing a childish game, and the ultimate prize was a possession she could never have, not truly. The venomous feelings she had towards Anne Boleyn from the beginning seemed so extreme and outrageous that one cannot help but almost feel sorry for her. This story is full of the intricacies of court, affairs of the hearts and minds, and characters that have been remembered for all time.

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