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A Faith Fairchild Mystery

Book 1 -The Body in the Belfry
Book 2 -The Body in the Kelp
Book 3 - The Body in the Bouillon
Book 4 -The Body in the Vestibule
Book 5 -The Body in the Cast
Book 6-The Body in the Basement
Book 7 -The Body in the Bog
Book 8 - The Body in the Fjord
Book 9 - The Body in the Bookcase
Book 10 - The Body in the Big Apple
Book 11 - The Body in the Moonlight
Book 12 - The Body in the Bonfire
Book 13 - The Body in the Lighthouse
Book 14 - The Body in the Attic
Book 15- The Body in the Snowdrift
Book 16 - The Body in the Ivy
Book 17 -The Body in the Gallery
Book 18 - The body in the Gazebo
Book 20: The Body in the Boudoir

A Faith Fairchild Mystery, Book 21
ISBN# 9780062065506
30 April 2013
William Morrow
Hard Cover
239 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The tastes of Italy are ambrosia for any serious foodie. For Faith Fairchild, it is nearly the Holy Grail when it comes to food. This trip is to be a total immersion into all things Italian. Unfortunately, it includes the good as well as the bad.

Cooking is not really Tom Fairchild’s forte, although the eating is well worth the effort. He just needs to keep his wife out of trouble long enough to enjoy their stay in Italy.

Faith is incredibly happy that her good friend Francesca Rossi’s new cooking school is an absolute hit. Yet, her heart hurts just thinking of the murder of a friend they recently made. There also seems to be trouble brewing with some of their class-mates, which makes Faith wonder if it is not all somehow connected. The food and tours are spectacular, although Faith cannot shake the feeling that someone in the group is up to no good. She is no stranger to sticky situations. Only this time, it seems that everyone is hiding something.

First and foremost, the food descriptions within this book are so fantastic there is no way to read this without drooling on each and every page! It also makes you want to book the first flight out and eat your way from one region to the next. In my opinion, Faith’s amateur sleuthing into her class-mates lives is not nearly as engaging as the food. This is a great getaway to a food lover’s paradise that thankfully will not add quite as many inches to the waistline.

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