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ISBN: 9781622668090
November 2012
Entangled Publishing
$ 2.99
183 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hannah Woods is a social worker and tries the best she can to help those who are in her care. She finds a baby on her doorstep that belongs to one of her cases, and now must embark on a journey to fulfill the mother's wish to find her brother to raise the baby. What she never expects is the way he rejects her and his niece. All she can do is try to wear him down in order to say yes so this beautiful baby will not end up in the foster care system.

Jackson Pierce is a man who had a not so great past, and when he could he changed his name, all to separate himself from that former life. He is now very successful at running a software company. He enjoys his work and his quiet life alone, and then Hannah walks into his life with news of his sister and a baby. His first instinct is to make them go away, but it seems something, or someone, may just be chipping at his heart.

It is not an easy task to get Jackson to agree to adopt his niece, Emily, but Hannah is going to do everything she possibly can to convince him he should. Maybe her emotions are too close to this case, but she feels compelled to make it work out. Hannah and Jack must each conquer the demons in their past in order to accomplish the same goal for this little girl.

I think The Billionaire’s Baby was a great read. It is entertaining, yet at the same time had issues that plague some people their whole life. We all have the power to change our future no matter our past. Jack and Hannah are so right for each other no matter their differences; the common ground they have does way more than balance them out. This is a book to read not just for the Christmas season, but anytime you are looking for an enjoyable read.

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