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ISBN# 9781573449076
15 January 2013
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
337 Pages
Fiction Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Commuter Training

One little text message is all it takes for Aileen to be ready.

Daniel strives to make her trip home very memorable.

Getting on the train and enduring the hour ride is a chore for most people. For Aileen, it is so much foreplay.

Who says the daily commute has to be monotonous and boring? Certainly not these two!

Small Mercies

Every so often, Virginia’s mouth takes on a mind of its own.

He may be annoyed, yet Jack has no doubt his punishment will be well received.

If she could only think before she speaks, Virginia would not be in the position she is. And what kind of fun would that be?

Sometimes, it takes a little pain to know what pleasure truly is.

The Naughty Chair

It is so hard for Jillian to keep still, but there is no way she wants this to stop.

The more Zach pushes her limits, the more she comes alive.

Unlike his other dining room chairs, this one is rather out of place, yet Jillian loves how it makes her feel. Her fantasies run wild, which Zach zeros in on with ease.

Unleashing hidden desires comes easier when you have someone just as naughty to share them with.

Eleven O’Clock Deadline

With her never-ending day finally coming to a close, Karen’s night is about to get started.

Knowing how stressed she has been with this project, Chad plans his attack.

The threat of getting caught makes Karen even hotter, when Chad lets her think at all.

Late nights in the office have never looked like so much fun!


Three little words and a whole scenario plays out in his mind.

Chasing him down gets Jia’s heart pumping.

Getting tripped up in the park is not exactly part of his plan. He wants this night to last and has the perfect setup ready and waiting.

That little tinge of fear makes this story come alive.

In Charge

This one man pushes all of her buttons. Now Alexa is stuck spending an entire evening alone with him.

Carter is really good at reading people and knowing what they want.

The dreaded dinner is here. All Alexa can do is make the most of it. Carter makes sure she enjoys every delicious moment.

Alexa and Carter are absolutely combustible!

Too Strong To Break

For too long, Eve has felt that she is just going through the motions in her relationships.

He has moved on, but Duncan has never forgotten.

Going to the party is the first step in Eve’s plan to reignite her passion. She is incredibly thrilled to meet Duncan again after so many years, feeling like they have clicked once again.

This couple has the instant connection that makes you want to read more and more.

Filthy Rich

If she thinks about it, Stacy is terrified this may mean the end.

He can feel her pulling away, but TJ will not stand for it.

They have been together for so many years Stacy fears this boredom she is feeling will destroy them. The money has made them forget what they crave, which TJ intends to remedy right now.

There is something to be said for staying in touch with your down and dirty side.

Life Drawing

The drawing class is a way for Rosie and her friends to help each other with their technique.

Coming into the class as the only male does not bother Arlo, especially when he sees her.

It has been awhile since she has last seen Arlo, yet Rosie feels completely comfortable accepting his invitation. Their afternoon gets increasingly less comfortable, but more exciting.

This story enlivens the senses and draws you right into the scene.

Cute Boy Gets Squeezed

Just hearing her call him Cute Boy sends Pete’s pulse into overdrive.

She may not know or care what his real name is, but Evangeline can turn him on in an instant.

This is something Pete has never seen before, although he is more than ready to try. Once Eve has him in place, she sets about teasing him to her delight.

Trying new things, especially when they are a little scary, often delivers the greatest rewards.

On The Rocks

Heat and humidity are making Tara’s night almost unbearable.

The hotter she gets, the more Noah wants to cool her off.

Tara is so sweaty the only respite is pulling chunks of ice from the ice-maker behind the bar. Noah takes this one step further, which sends Tara skyrocketing.

If you love hot sultry nights, this will hit the spot!

“Golf” Spelled Backwards

Almost all of Anastasia’s clients are referrals, so she pretty much knows how to begin their training.

Improving his golf game is just one of the reasons Dan Emerson is here.

Anastasia lays out the rules, which are absolutely non-negotiable. It makes her smile when Dan turns out to be such an attentive student.

Golf lessons never looked so good.

Eye Contact

He demands perfection from her. Anything less will result in punishment.

The rules are so hard to follow, especially the more excited she gets.

From head to toe, he has made her into the epitome of cheap and sleazy. She revels in his attention. Even when she fails, she wins.

This may be a little more hard-core, but it is no less intriguing.

Double Dutch

One mistake after another and Jansey knows her concentration is shot.

Nakesha calls a halt to practice until she figures out what is going on.

That one night they spent together is all Jansey can think of. Her heart is in her throat as she tells the girls what exactly is on her mind.

These girls play as hard as they work, which for Jansey is a very good thing.


You cannot get any hotter than the two men Lana works with, and she wants in on the action.

Their private lives are just that, although Jason and Sean may make an exception just this once.

Lana is a little surprised at what comes out of her mouth, yet she is even more so when Jason and Sean agree. They set up everything down to the very last detail.

Inviting oneself to a party rarely meets expectations.

Just Deserts

As the camp’s resident pastry chef, she gets to try all manner of experiences.

Tying people up is a rigger’s dream, especially when they crave it as much as she does.

Suspension is something she wants to try so badly she can taste it. Now she has the perfect opportunity. Binding her in this way exceeds all of her expectations.

There is such freedom and serenity to this scene. It makes you smile.

Balancing the Books

Seeing her through the window ignites Philip in a way he cannot explain.

Giovanna needs no further proof that he is here for more than the job.

Her bookkeeping skills are atrocious, although it is not why Philip takes the job. Giovanna has a gift that fulfills a need in Philip, like nothing he has ever experienced.

It takes strength to try something out of your comfort zone. The rewards are just that much better.


Fury is not an emotion Faith wants when working with a client.

He can tell she is not herself, which intrigues Morgan even more.

When she tells him no, she should keep her word. Now she is in a position she has no idea how to handle.

I love the underlying current of power that shifts during the course of this story.

You Say This Is a Testament

This is only one more obstacle for her to overcome, although it does not make it any easier.

Asking this of her is more proof of her total submission.

She wants no barrier to stand between them. This may be uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing, but that, too, shall pass.

Some limits are set to give you something to aim for, as is the case here.

River of Beauty

Painting is an extension of Mayra’s feelings, even more so in this instance.

Nothing is beautiful about Avril’s body, not anymore.

Having Avril agree to this is remarkable, so Mayra will not let her down. This will be the greatest piece she has ever painted. Hopefully, it will make an impression.

Mayra’s love for Avril is as beautiful as the visual this story imparts to its readers.

When My Boyfriend Has a Party

She loves following his instructions when getting ready for the party.

These parties are as much fun for Jason as they are for her, maybe more.

The hair, the clothes, everything is exactly how he wants her to look. She will love every second of pleasuring his friends, especially when it means pleasing Jason.

As party favors go, this one is fun for all.

Butter the Bird

Frustration gets the better of Faye when all she is trying to do is get dinner ready.

Standing back and watching her, it is all Calvin can do to avoid laughing.

All it takes is to step in and take charge for Calvin to have her under his spell. Faye loves it as much as he does, which means dinner is going to be a little later tonight.

Having this much fun in the kitchen is enough to make anyone want to try out their cooking skills.

The Bondage Pig

Simone has known for a while that their marriage is slowly fading, but this comes as a surprise.

The antique Victorian pig that Ralph brings home is more than he bargains for.

Having Jack as a houseguest is upsetting their routine, although Simone is more worried about what Ralph is doing in the attic. Once she checks it out, however, nothing will ever be the same.

All marriages have ups and downs, whereas very few will ever get an infusion like this.

Curry, Extra Hot

While making dinner, Kendra never expects what happens next.

When he sees her standing there, Arturo cannot let the moment pass.

One minute she is cutting ginger, the next she is bound, gagged and in total heaven. Arturo knows her body inch by inch, so he can put it through the most exquisite torture.

Spontaneity is the spice of this delicious story.


It has taken a little while, but Lola puts her past with Jenny behind her. Now she is with the most amazing man she has ever known.

They have fantastic sex, yet Rick knows there could be more.

Seeing Jenny again is the last thing Lola wants, but she is not given a choice. She and Rick must make a decision that could change everything.

In this case, the past definitely makes appreciating the present much easier.

Bondage comes in many forms and variations, as is seen in these stories. It is not all about ropes and handcuffs, but can be as simple and effective as closing one’s eyes or holding onto a chair. I love that these authors give the readers an entire spectrum of bondage play, and even some you may never have imagined. Many of these stories are so good you will undoubtedly hate to see them end.

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