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ISBN# 9780345491190/9780345524577
January 2011
Ballantine Books, a division of Random House Inc.
288 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Tru Newman is one of the stay-at-home moms fondly referred to as the “M&Ms” -- Maintenance and Mothering. Her job is taking care of her uniquely different twin teen daughters and her ever-busy investment banker husband.

Sienna Post is a celebrity in their town, the anchor on their local news station. However, thanks to a simple mishap with some coffee, she suddenly finds herself without a job.

Tru’s world crashes down around her when she realizes that her husband Peter has been without a job for three months even as she continuously spent money left and right. Determined to find some way to make sure they do not end up on the street, Tru comes up with a plan to start an escort service where all of her girls are over the age of forty. Even as her business gets off the ground with help from Sienna as well as Sienna’s current lover, Bill, Tru’s home life is falling down around her in the form of a playboy teen heartthrob and a sexy woman who seems to ignore Peter’s wedding ring. Just when Tru feels life cannot throw her anymore curve balls, her new job is in jeopardy of being exposed, thanks in part to one person she thought she could trust more than any other.

I think parts of The Best Laid Plans is quite funny, especially as Tru, Sienna, and Bill figure out the pricing details and their little trip to the “toy store”. However, I did find some parts of the story harder to believe such as Tru rushing out to get Botox after finding out that her husband has no job and as she is complaining about having to live on the street. Ms. Schnurnberger not only added elements of true life with the stock market scare, job losses, and terrifying circumstances that has laid this country in a fear frenzy, she also included humor and romance to keep things going. The growth Tru and Peter have as a long-married couple as well as individuals was very nice to see. I also really enjoyed how this story ended, with another crazy Tru scheme in the works.

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