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ISBN# 9781926930015
April 2011
Breathless Press
E Book
89 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rosaline is a witch who cannot do any spells properly. She either has no luck at all, or they end badly. The coven has given her another chance to perform a family spell to try to gain information about recent events in their world. Instead of gaining information, she summons a demon from the underworld.

Adame is a demon prince from the underworld. He is very powerful and must soon fight his cousin for leadership to replace the current ruler of their world. If he fails, evil will rule. On the run from his cousin’s men, he suddenly ends up on a different plane, behind the witch that summoned him.

Rosaline has no idea how she summoned a demon with an information spell, or how to send him back to his plane. Adame is angry with Rose until he realizes that she did not summon him on purpose. From almost the beginning, they each have feelings for the other, but do not know why. As they work together, they gain information about her powers, their worlds, and their attraction to each other.

Hunky demons? Of course! I really enjoyed the world that Ms. Rathbun created in this book, especially her description of how the demons look in both worlds. The story flowed nicely and gave a lot of much needed information in clever ways. The action scenes are well written, as well as the intimate moments between Adame and Rose. All of the characters were believable, and I look forward to reading about more of them.

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