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ISBN: (13)9780778326083-Print/ 9781426833830-Ebook
June 2009
Mira Books, an imprint of Harlequin
Paperback/ Ebook
$7.99(US) $8.99(CAN)-Paperback/ $7.20-Ebook
363 Pages
Suspense & Adventure, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Keira Sullivan is on the hunt and willing to go to Ireland to get the answers she needs. When she hears about a legendary stone angel, she decides to track down the statue at the same time she looks for keys to her past. While exploring the countryside, a cave-in has Keira scrambling to find a way out.

Simon Cahill has heard about Keira traipsing Ireland in search of actual stories about fairies and prejudges her as a flake. When he gets a search-and-rescue call on her behalf, he expects to find her in full panic mode. Instead, Simon finds her to be practically rescuing herself and begins to see the beautiful woman in a new light.

When Keira and Simon return to the United States, it is with the knowledge that the cave-in was deliberately set to distract her from retrieving the stone angel. Now they are on the trail of a madman, one willing to commit murder in order to get the statue. Suddenly the game of cat and mouse becomes more deadly as the mysterious person turns to murder. Will Keira and Simon figure out who is after the stone angel before one of them is eliminated for good?

Ms. Neggers takes the reader on a fantastic journey that spans from Massachusetts to Ireland and involves murder, mayhem, myths, legends, and greed. While I found The Angel to be quite riveting for the most part, there were times that I felt a little lost; that the wording or phrasing of a chapter threw me and had me scratching my head in confusion. If you have read the author’s books in the past, you will be happy to know there are some returning characters from a previous book. Even with the confusion, this novel is a very smooth read and definitely had me gripping the pages as I read to see what would happen next.

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