Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781400065943
5 November 2013
Random House
369 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Sookie Poole is exhausted. She has managed to marry off three daughters in four weddings without losing her mind. All that is left is for her son, Carter, to get married and Sookie cannot wait. If only because she will not be responsible for anything other than showing up to her son's wedding.

If only Sookie could manage her mother as well as she has done her children. Lenore Simmons Krackenberry is a force of nature that refuses to leave her home or her independence behind. Lenore may seem robust and amusing to their friends and acquaintances in town, but Sookie has about had it with her mother's overbearing snobbishness, first family Southern royalty attitude, and outlandish behavior. Why, Sookie cannot even let Lenore open her own mail or pay her own bills anymore, lest disaster strike.

Then one letter sent to Lenore opens a can of worms Sookie can never hope to dispel. The foundations of Sookie's Southern roots are suddenly called into question. What begins is a journey from the South to California, the Midwest, then finally to 1940's Wisconsin. Sookie will discover four irrepressible women, Polish women, who became the crew of the All-Girl Filling Station.

Fans of Fannie Flag will not be disappointed with this latest bit of classic storytelling. There are two stories that weave together seamlessly to tell a tale of Southern belle Sookie Poole and her discovery of her not so Southern roots. Readers will love the humor and vitality of Ms. Flag’s colorful cast of unique characters as they take a peek into the past and get a whole new taste of girl power.

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