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ISBN: Unavailable
January 2011
173 Pages
Steam Punk Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Matilda Upton, Tilda to her friends and family, has always been aware that with the prejudice against magical people she had to be very careful about using her divination gift. Unfortunately for her, when she did happen to use it to help a lost dog home, she ended up in the wrong hands whose knowledge of her gift could get her killed if she did not cooperate.

Captain Black Jack Knight has not always been a pirate. But when he was unjustly accused of his brother’s murder he fled, not in fear, but so he could find out the truth and see that the real killer would be put to death instead of him.

Tilda purchases Jack and his crew to help her find the items she is looking for so she and her sister can live in peace once again. She never expects to fall for the handsome pirate, and she definitely does not expect to suddenly find out that she has more ability than she ever dreamed, which leaves her in more danger than ever. But she made a promise to Jack that she would help him clear his name if he helped her find the man and the object she is looking for and Matilda Upton ALWAYS keeps her word. Can Jack and Tilda finish their adventures and get to the truth before they are stopped permanently?

Ms. Archer has written a fascinating tale with a mix of intrigue, adventure, romance, danger, and a villain who is willing to sacrifice everyone else for his own gain. I thought the way Matilda seemed to bring something out of Jack from the very beginning added heat and a certain amount of foreplay to this romantic novel. The Adventures of Miss Upton and the Sky Pirate not only included these two fantastic characters but some others who deserve a story all of their own, especially Mr. Sparks. Then you have the added bits of scientific inventions in a time that the society seems archaic in its prejudices, it gives this book a unique background which in turn gives the plot a richer and more distinctive outline. Great job!

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