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ISBN: Print-9781466337336/ eBook-Unavailable
September 2011
Paperback / Ebook
242 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Upon the death of her dearly loved mother, Naomi learns that she was actually adopted. Furthermore, she learns that her birth mother, Mary Rose, had been brutally attacked and left for dead.

Edna, her aunt, has always treated Naomi with barely concealed disdain, but with the death of her sister, her vitriolic loathing for Naomi is completely unmasked. Naomi finally gets the grudging assistance of a veteran police officer, Graham Nelson, and catches the fancy of a news reporter. Both of them fear she has recklessly placed herself in danger by challenging the community to come forward with any information related to the attack twenty-eight years ago.

Naomi is determined to uncover the identity of the man who killed Mary Rose. She feels the spirit of her dead mother crying out for justice and will stop at nothing, nor let anyone deter her from her mission.

I enjoyed reading this novel. At times, I felt it moved a little too slowly and my attention wandered; especially in the middle section. However, by the last third of the story I became fully engaged and could not put the book down. The story is told in understated, contemplative prose, with enough descriptive detail to set the mood vividly. Naomi is driven to find the men who killed her mother. The author realistically portrays the biased attitudes and basic obtuseness of a community inclined to hide from and ignore the ugliness within. Here is a chilling reminder that, as a society, we all become easily smeared by the brush of intolerance when we turn a blind eye to crimes perpetrated upon those who exist on the fringe.

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