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ISBN# 978177130-5877
September 29 2013
Evernight Publishing
76 Pages
Contemporary, BDSM, Erotic
Rating 3 Cups

Cate has gone through a bad marriage and an equally bad divorce. Though she carries no visible scars, her emotional scars are deep. Her sensitivity and thirst for knowledge are endearing traits. Her inability to trust gives the reader a willingness to accept her as a three dimensional character. Cate's nervous worries about her weight and her eagerness to move on from her past give her realistic traits.

Torrance McLaren is not your typical Dom. Though an expert in many aspects of BDSM, he is by no means a detached character. Like Cate, Tor's deepest thoughts and emotional desires are shared with the reader and he swiftly becomes a man we can care for. Tor's strict and measured life is explained, alongside the portrayal of a man who yearns for love, a true companion and a woman to share more than an alternative lifestyle. Possessing carefully measured restraint, he is in control of his every move and thought.

Cate's desire to move on from her past brings her to Tor. He is the perfect man to help her make the next move in her life. He can offer discipline and order and help her focus on her longing to please her new master. Through strict regimes of diet and exercise, Tor helps Cate focus on the new changes she wants to bring about in her life. Her eagerness to please her new master is always at the back of her mind. Yet Cate's hunger to satisfy her body with Tor's is always in the present. For both Cate and Tor, emotional distance is vital. After all, their new relationship is only destined to last for thirty days. When faced with challenges neither of them expected, however, both trainer and sub find themselves experiencing a whole new world.

The character portrayal in The Thirty Day Sub brings a realistic story to life. From the outset I was interested in this story and wanted to see how things developed for Cate as she explored her new world. Ms Angelini makes a true effort to connect with her female readership and present a likeable heroine, with whom we can empathize. Though many highpoints can be found within the story, two areas of predictability did spoil my enjoyment. The jealous ex-sub and the over-zealous master were two areas which stopped me short of giving a higher merit for the book. Cate and Tor's story is a great read and I felt it could have stood alone without the aid of these tried and tested plot lines. In saying this however, I feel that Alaska Angelini has brought us so much more than a sexy read about BDSM. The book is an excellent place to start if you are new to BDSM reads. The club scenes are brief, yet involved enough to give new readers a taste of the experience. The relationship between Cate and Tor is primary, with detailed and descriptive BDSM scenes bringing enough enjoyment for the seasoned reader of this genre to appreciate.

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