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ISBN#: 9781449580698
November 2009
Romance Unbound Publishing
105 Pages
m/m BDSM cowboy romance
Rating: 4 cups

JD Reed is a chef who just got a pink slip from his employer. When his uncle dies, he returns to the family ranch for the funeral. There he finds Avery.

Avery Dalton is a loner, and was second in charge of the ranch until his boss suddenly dies.

The first time JD sees Avery he wants him, and he does not waste any time in pushing the boundaries when it comes to letting Avery know. However, Avery has very definite ideas about what it means to be a man, and JD pushing his buttons just makes him push back all the harder. Still JD is certain that beneath Avery’s gruff exterior beats the heart of a true sub. As JD begins to break down Avery’s walls, he finds himself wanting far more than what he originally thought he wanted. As the two begin falling deeper and deeper under each other’s spell, tragedy prepares to strike in the form of JD’s aunt trying to sell the ranch, and JD getting a job offer in New York as a sous chef. Will they be able to work out some kind of compromise, or will they lose the love they have just found?

WOW! Ms. Thompson has done it again. This is one author that never ceases to amaze me with her tender, and loving BDSM stories. She is one of the only authors I know that can successfully mix the kink of hardcore BDSM and love. The sex scenes are graphic but very satisfying since the emotion is there as well. The bit of suspense thrown in kept me reading until I had read the very last page. The conclusion is beyond satisfying. I look forward to reading many more stories from this author.

Warning: This story contains descriptions of extreme BDSM love play, and is not for the faint of heart.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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