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Sugar Creek Series
Book 1: Tessa’s Chosen
Book 2: Melissa’s Acceptance
Book 3: Sara’s Mates

Sugar Creek Series, Book 1
ISBN: Unavailable
October 2010
Solstice After Dark, an imprint of Solstice Publishing
83 Pages
Erotica; Paranormal; Foursome
Rating: 2 Cups

Tessa has just left her abusive fiancé and refuses to allow another dominating, macho man control her life.

Lucien is the Alpha werewolf of his pack. He takes his role as leader very seriously.

Rafe is one of the Beta werewolves of the pack. He is easy on the eyes and easy to talk to.

Gabe is Lucien’s other Beta werewolf. He is a sexy man and loves to joke around, always having a twinkle in his eye and a wink to go with it.

Tessa cannot believe the gall of the three men that corner her at the Shifters Inn. How dare they assume she will come to their home, especially when she does not even know them! Between one argument and the next, Tessa finds herself not only staying with the three hot men, but sleeping with them as well. But when she finds out who they are and that they have chosen her to be their mate, she will have to come to a decision as to whether she wants to stay with them forever, or leave for good.

The thought of three sexy men and one woman is a story I usually find very entertaining and highly arousing. However, Tessa’s Chosen is not my idea of a tale that I would read a second time. While Ms. Wilde did have some outstanding sex scenes within the book, I found a lot of the plot was choppy and some areas of the tale seemed to be rushed. One part of the story talks about how Tessa will be given a certain amount of time to come to terms with whom the werewolves are and see if they will mesh, and the next thing I know, she is declaring her love for them and forgoing the time she requested not two pages before. If you want to read an erotic story with tons of hot sex and some steamy men then this is the book for you.

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