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  The Acro Series

Book 1 - Riding the Storm

Book 2 - Unleashing the Storm

Book 3 - Seduced by the Storm

Book 4 - Taming the Fire

Book 5 - Tempting the Fire

Book 5 in the Agency of Covert Rare Operations Series
ISBN: 9780385342285
July 2010
Bantam Dell, an imprint of Random House Inc.
$15.00-USA/ $17.50-CAN
384 Pages
Erotic Romance; Paranormal; Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Chance McCormack has always been lucky, staying out of trouble, but just barely. As a Navy SEAL, he has suddenly found that the time may have come for his luck to end.

Sela Kahne is a Seducer; a woman who uses her sensuality to bring the truth out through copulation and orgasm. She has not done a stint as a Seducer since she was brutally beaten years ago, but all that is about to change.

Marlena West has been trained as a Seducer, but she has a curse hanging over her head. When she goes on a mission into the jungle with Sela, she has no way of knowing how her life is going to change forever.

Logan Mills knows there is more to the story of why his father has him in the jungle traipsing after a legendary creature. One look at the thing and he finds himself questioning all he has believed in.

Sela and Marlena are tracking down a missing SEAL when they come upon Logan. Though it is Marlena who is supposed to be trying to seduce him, it is Sela who finds the sexy man fascinating. Finding Chance has been attacked by the mythical creature they are searching for, Marlena finds herself attracted to the man who is not quite human anymore. Between the four of them they must fight for their love, their freedom, and those who are innocent bystanders in order to get out of the jungle alive.

What a fascinating tale Tempting the Fire is. I found the dynamic duo of Ms. Ione and Ms. Tyler making up the pseudonym for Sydney Croft is a wonderful idea. These two very talented authors make a fantastic team. The way all of the different characters have a story all their own, but somehow mesh well into the plot, made this seem like a very well thought out world full of intrigue, paranormal activity, and hot steamy sex. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for previous as well as future tales that involve these two, both as standalone writers and as Sydney Croft.

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