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The Kilburn Vampires, Book 1
ISBN# 9781419937958
June 2012
Ellora’s Cave Publications
233 Pages
Historical Vampire Plus-size
Rating: 3 Cups

A very young widow, Lydia, knows she is going to get married again. She merely accepts the idea of her groom being Kieran Kilborn from a clan considered violent, if not insane. Luckily, though, she is attracted to him in a way she does not fully understand.

Kieran is leading his clan in a different way than his predecessors, fighting off the violent urges of his ancestors. Having Lydia as his wife will be good for his clan, if he can stop her from learning their secrets.

The Kilborn clan is filled with “berserker” descendants, who are in fact vampires, and may prove too much for a gently raised young widow. But her feelings for her husband and the people of her new clan may let Lydia save them all.

Temptation in Tartan has mystery, murder, mayhem and really good sex, so it is a fine book. The characters blend well together, and the villains are exposed for the rotters they are, with the exception of the ubiquitous “Christian leaders must be evil” character-yawn. The dialogue is good, and at times moving. One part of the book tries to show the violence of the time, like the face women are “used” by men as a punishment, which does not help the storyline at all. The book may be violent, but then so are wars. In any event, I have enjoyed almost every page. And as a final notation of what only the most pedantic reviewer would have noticed, this is the first novel in The Kilburn Vampires series, while their last name is Kilborn.

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