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Daughters of the Empire Series
Book 1: The Paradox: The Soldier and the Mystic

Book #2: The Serenade: The Prince and the Siren
Book #3: The Conspiracy: The contessa and the cartoonist

Book #1 in Daughters of the Empire Series
ISBN#: 1619262266
March 2012
Siren Publishing
$ 4.50
393 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Alita Stanton, granddaughter of a Duke, just wants an unnoticeable life where she is happily married with kids. Unlike that of her parents, an unconventional but famous nurse and political activist mother, and an inventor father. But to her despair she possesses the ‘sight’. Carefully hiding this ability from everyone except her mother, her ‘sight’ pulls her in a vision of a black panther on the most important night of her life; her presentation to the society in a Queen’s ball.

Valerius Huntington, the 5th Earl of Ravensdale, is a man of many talents, which he feels are obsolete in present times. Therefore he is fighting as a soldier in Egypt to retain his family honor while awaiting his own death. During one battle, when a man he considers a friend is slain by his hand, orphaning his two kids, he wallows further in despair, no longer wanting to live nor afraid of anything.

Alita, now ruined and outcast in the society, feels it is now her job to find the black panther and direct him to his destiny that she saw in the vision. She travels to Egypt and finds Val Huntington, her black panther. Convincing him about his destiny and her visions is very difficult. Falling in love with him only complicates things more as Alita does not see herself in Val’s future. Val though skeptical about Alita and thinking that she is a little insane, still cannot help himself from being inexplicably attracted to her. Will these opposites; an academic soldier and a mystic finally come together or will Alita have to make the difficult choice of his happiness over hers?

This is a very fascinating novel. All the characters are very vibrant and come to life while reading them. Alita is a mystic who only knows to obey and rarely asserts her opinions but on rare occasions when she does, there is no changing her mind. I found her confusing at times, but I can relate to that since I tend to be like that without any mystic powers. Val is written so beautifully by the author that this reader cannot help but fall in love with him. He is a complete man who comes to life with the author’s words and the sort of man we need in the world in present times. Ms. Hollingsworth has dared venture into the realm of politics and religion and I believe she has beautifully written everything without offending anyone. This reader also fully agrees with how Val believes people of other nations should be respected and treated equally rather than having others opinions forced upon them. There are two more books in this series; each a daughter of the previous couple. From the start of this series, they also sound very promising. This reader will keep an eye out for them.

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