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Pirates Book 2
ISBN# 1-60601-803-5
April 2010
Siren Publishing
105 pages
Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
Rating: 5 Cups

Tee-ani is a human doctor who is also an ex-slave rescued by the kindest pirates she has ever heard about. Tee has settled in to life as a pirate well. Helping some of the other women rescued from the slavers, her only desire is the G'trobian twins, Ben and Trey.

Both Ben and Trey have been avoiding admitting to themselves let alone each other, that they want Tee-ani. They know humans usually mate in pairs so wonder if would she be interested in a G’trobian mating.

Tee-ani shows Ben and Trey she knows what is involved in their mating practices. When she mentions that she met a G’trobian female on the slave ship, the twins find that the girl they were supposed to marry had been sold to slavers when they left home. They set out to rescue her and as many other slaves as they can.

There are not many books that I hope will be part of a series but this is defiantly one of them. Ms Clark’s characters are alive and vibrant; the secondary characters make themselves known and are as distinct in their personalities as Tee-ani and the twins. This is a futuristic Robin Hood scenario of not only robbing the rich to feed the poor but saving them from deadly slavers and falling in love, all in one action-packed hellishly hot space adventure.

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