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ISBN#: 9781607378341
August 3, 2010
Loose Id, LLC
96 Pages
LGBT, Shape-Shifter, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Living alone along the rugged windswept coast of rural Cornwall, Barnabas is, if not entirely happy, at least very contented. He has his art to keep him company, but there are times when another warm body would be most appreciated.

Washed up on shore and very near death, the young man struggles to hold together the remnants of his existence. There is so little left, he may never be able to return, but it is his only hope.

Days go by when Barnabas has only seagulls and seals to converse with, but after a raging storm hit the coast, he finds himself as an unlikely hero. A young man is washed ashore, and though he has no apparent vocabulary, Barnabas is quickly drawn to him. The fathomless dark eyes, silky black hair, and beautifully sculpted body remind Barnabas how long it has been since he had a lover, but there is something odd in his friend’s demeanor that stirs up many troubling thoughts. The truth comes out, leaving Barnabas horrified, ashamed, and ultimately devastated that his new friend may one day leave, and for the first time Barnabas is quite unsure he will be able to withstand the loss.

Body language says it all in this heartwarming and sweetly sad tale. Barnabas’ character may see himself as a loner and not in need of conventional luxuries, but you can feel the pull of companionship drawing him in. His friend may be frightened and unsure, but at the same time, his playful nature overrules his insecurities, and he is as endearing to the reader as he is to Barnabas. They have a strange and sometimes adversarial relationship, but the underlying care they show towards each other transcends all boundaries.

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