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ISBN#: 9781419924385
March 2010
Cerridwen Press
179 Pages
Fantasy Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Rowena Pendragon is a widow and a virgin. She survived the brutal humiliation of being married to Gaston and now Pendragon flourishes. She is afraid to fall in love and be under the control of another man.

Sir Dominic of Chapstow is the ward of the Regent and a famous knight. He was once betrothed, which left him wary of beautiful women. He is handsome and honorable.

Years ago, the Fairy Princess Fiona cursed Tyrus Pendragon and all Lords of Pendragon to follow to die without issue until a Lady Pendragon can find true love. Rowena is that Lady, but her villainous stepfather is doing everything he can to strip her of her lands. The Fair Fiona and her Dragon Guardian will do everything they can to help her, but another powerful force from Fairy is working against her. Rowena’s fear of surrendering her freedom to a man is wavering though. Sir Dominic is determined to prove to her that he is not as interested in her lands as he is in the lady herself.

Tears of the Dragon engaged my interest from the very first page. Lady Rowena is a true survivor and her reputation as the Shrew of Pendragon has protected her until Sir Dominic uses a very creative way to enter the castle. I loved his determination and honor. Sir Edwin is as dishonest and vile as any villain I have ever come across. The other characters are as complex and interesting as the main ones. The plot is at turns exciting and sensual. Rowena and Dominic’s rocky romance is anything but boring, and the fantasy element makes it impossible to put down.

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